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Samuel Ace has published widely in periodicals and journals. He is the author of two collections of poetry: Normal Sex (Firebrand Books) and Home in three days. Don't wash. (Hard Press). He is a recipient of a New York Foundation for the Arts grant and winner of the Astraea Lesbian Writer's Fund Prize in Poetry, The Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction, and the Firecracker Alternative Book Award in poetry. He lives in Tucson, AZ and Truth or Consequences, NM. "Mt. Sumeru is contained in the grain of a mustard seed." —Li Yu

Printmaking is a philosophical art.

The artist produces work by capturing the fleeting, almost intangible impression of the original, holding it delicately in space as an imprinted memory. Every print is, as William Kentridge dubbed, a "trace" of the original; a clue left behind like a bit of archaeological detritus. Layers of printed images, therefore, become a fractured historical record of the concept of image itself, revealing the process and the mystery of image-making the way pottery shards combine to unveil the vase.

Ren Adams combines printmaking and Chinese brush painting (another philosophical art) in formal exploration. With an insatiable desire to explore and document the interconnectedness of all things, Ren allows the viewer to actively peel away layers of visual evidence, discovering what it means for being to emerge from nonbeing.

As a Taoist, her work is both a form of moving meditation and an articulation of the Tao itself, investigating concepts of balance, harmony, enlightenment, consciousness, pattern and time, while celebrating the ordinary as extraordinary. Through "li," or vigorous strength, lines are expressive and loose (paired with the tight and contemplative), conveying a sense of timelessness that unites philosophy, science, history and mysticism. Each piece captures the present moment and offers a virtual archaeological dig of being.

With a formal background in art, poetry, anthropology and music, her interdisciplinary approach is inclusive, making each mark a conversation about the journey, the momentary synapse, the never-ending meditation of things. The ordinary becomes extraordinary and the most wonderful epiphanies can be found in the simplest things.

A native of Southern California, Ren Adams has been working in the visual arts for more than 20 years. She has a BFA in Studio Art (printmaking) from the University of New Mexico. Jonathan Breit is a composer and pianist in New York City. He holds degrees from Yale College and Mannes College of Music. He is currently working on The End of Men, a choral comedy based on the Thesmophoriazusae of Aristophanes, to be premiered at Dixon Place in November 2013. Hannah Raine Brenner-Leonard lives and works in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Chris Dungey, a retired auto worker, is still taking sports photos for local papers around Lapeer, MI. He loves bicycling and camping at sports car race venues. He also sings in a Presbyterian choir and cuts up pallets to feed the woodstove. 120+ poetry credits. Most recent at Miller's Pond Poetry Review, Emprise Review, Northwind, Breakwater Review, Shadow Road, and Squalorly, and forthcoming at Home Planet News and Gaptoothedmadness. Margaret Hart was raised in New Jersey and graduated from Hampshire College in 2013, where she studied literature, philosophy, and creative writing. She currently resides in West Philadelphia, where she writes and works in the public school system. J.P. Hartmann (Vocalist) is a New York-based singer and songwriter. Over the course of a fifteen-year career in recording session singing, his voice has appeared on a Billboard #1, RIAA-certified gold record, as well as TV and radio commercials for GE, L'Oreal, Barnes & Noble, Dell Computer, and others. J.P. holds a B.A. in History from Yale, where he toured the world with famed a cappella groups, The Spizzwinks(?) and The Whiffenpoofs. To hear some of J.P.'s own songs and learn about other musical projects, visit Ming Lauren Holden grew up on a zebra ranch in Santa Barbara county and has done development work in ten countries on four continents over the past twelve years. She founded the Survival Girls, a self-sustaining theater group for Congolese refugee girls in a Nairobi slum, in 2011. Her nonfiction book about the experience will be published in November 2013 by Wolfram Productions. She graduated from Brown University with Honors in Literary Arts and went on to earn her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Indiana University, where she was the first M.F.A. student to be named the Herman Wells Graduate Fellow.

Ming spent her year as a Henry Luce Scholar in Mongolia, serving the Mongolian Writers Union as its first-ever international relations advisor and advocating for a Mongolia PEN Center. She most recently won Chattahoochee Review's Lamar York Nonfiction Prize, Glimmer Train's Family Matters Story Contest, and USAID's Frontiers in Development essay competition. Her poetry, fiction, nonfiction, journalism, photography, and literary translations also appear in Arts & Letters, Cerise Press, Hayden's Ferry Review, Passages North, Poets & Artists, The Poker, The Santa Ynez Valley Journal, The Huffington Post, and others. Czech Republic born visual artist and traveler Dagmar Hricková has lived her life as somewhat of a nomad, taking inspiration from her ever changing surroundings to create conceptual and thought provoking art based on memories from childhood, travels, personal histories and moving all that into much more positive territory. Blurred sense of time and place within memories, dreamlike landscapes and moody portraits, that is what we can find in Dagmar's paintings.

During the past six years, she has traveled, lived and exhibited extensively thoughout the United States and Europe and South Africa. She currently lives and works in NYC. Daniel Kraines grew up in New Jersey and received his MFA in poetry from Boston University. He now studies modernist literature and the history of thought as part the Draper program at NYU. He has taught at BU, West Nottingham Academy in Maryland, and Skidmore College. He recently moved to Brooklyn. June Rockefeller received her MFA from Emerson College where she served as Poetry Editor for Redivider. She is an editorial assistant for the online journal Memorious and co-founder of the Dollhouse Poetry project. She lives and works in Boston. Maureen Seaton is the author, most recently, of Fibonacci Batman: New & Selected Poems 1991-2011 (Carnegie Mellon, 2013). Her awards include the Iowa Poetry Prize, the Lambda Literary Award, an NEA fellowship, and the Pushcart Prize. She lives in Hollywood, FL and Albuquerque, NM. Evan Sitkoff is 24 years old and from Northern California. He has been fascinated with words, especially in audible form, for over ten years. He has written lyrical poetry, short stories, and songs. Currently, Evan is residing in San Francisco, where he writes and educates. Outside of composing poetry, he is pursuing a career in teaching. Heidi Shira Tannenbaum writes poetry and other stuff. She spends most of her days at Housing Works Bookstore Café where she is the store manager. She also very sporadically updates her blog