box of jars

david brennan
Self Reproof
The good things, the bad things, they all go away.
That's not how I plan on living!

Pour me a glass of red paired with a plate of garlic
angel hair and I'll tell you a story

or two. Not right now. No, 
if I talk too much it will seem that time has touched only me. 

I am not a dog wagging her tail ten minutes after a tongue lashing! 
While I'm alive, nothing is over.

Do I look like I'm deceiving you? 
That's because I'm hungry. A side of olives, kalamata, or roasted

red peppers—what time is dinner? For now, I will tell you this.
All of it was my fault. Most of it.

Split it fifty-fifty. We carried out our dirty deeds
as easily as we ate our meals.