box of jars

vladimir druk

trans. by
julia druk
The Barely There Man
This poor wretch's soul barely clings to his body,
He barely gets up in the morning for work,
He barely gets home after work in the evening,
And barely gets on with his wife when he's home.

They barely had children, who are barely there,
And silently pee on the carpet that's pale.
One day he decided to jump off a ledge,
And obviously just barely made it, poor wretch.
Бедняги душа еле держится в теле.
Он утром на службу встает еле-еле,
А вечером еле приходит домой
И еле живет со своею женой.

У них еле-еле рождаются дети
И писают тихо на бледном паркете.
Однажды он прыгнул в окно головой
И еле, бедняга, остался живой.