box of jars

Drew Edwards
The Bösendorfer Piano
Part 1


The Bösendorfer piano
Paul's day has gone appreciably well

Geraldine uncapped her field wine
There were bees all over Paul's tool box

A bee zipped by Geraldine's picnic basket
Geraldine sold the red Bösendorfer piano

Paul saw bees crawling all over
Paul's day has gone appreciably well

Geraldine has just sold the red Bösendorfer piano
The bees

Paul's hands are full of jelly and grease
Behind the governor, a bee lands on a cricket

Paul washes his car
Paul's car is wet

Geraldine has a dream about the Bösendorfer piano
Paul saw bees crawling all over


Cats in the sun

Bottles behind the cats

Cats within the baskets

Houses outside of the cities

Masks in front of the kittens

Hats on top of the stations

Trains behind the apples

Trees on top of the cattle

Forests on top of the beetles

Mexicans athwart the axes

Beetles adjecent to the Mexican ambassador

Cats adjacent to the cats


I hate some things and love others

I hate the bees but love the Bösendorfer piano

I hate Geraldine but love Paul

I love the bees when they swarm Paul's fruit

I love the cap on the field wine

I love the redness of the piano but hate the timbre of the piano

I love the jelly and grease on Paul's hands but hate that Paul's day has gone appreciably well, 
	and love Geraldine's picnic cloth

I hate the crawling but love the bee who landed on a cricket

I hate the governor but love the Mexican Ambassador

Part 2


Geraldine worried
A mousetrap

The piano tuner's brother
A bee lands on the tuning hammer

Just inside the antechamber, a glass shatters
Paul's torque wrench

A guest pesters

Geraldine hides behind the ornate screen
Paul's brother hovers

I made you scrambled eggs
They buzzed around the town house

A weed
Suddenly something

Paul dislikes the sunset
Geraldine enjoys the sunset


A hat on a trumpet

A bee on an onion

A candle near the trumpet

A group downstream from the picnic

A berry in the field wine

A tonality superimposed on the scenery

A scene with an onion

A hat with a hat pin

A pin with a trumpet

A drop in the bucket

A man over somewhat

A cat with a gimlet


I pushed the kitten and it skittered

I pushed the onion and it bounced

I touched the gimlet and it wobbled

I pushed the glass and it shattered

I touched the bee and it hovered

I pushed the candle and it bent

I touched the piano and it quivered

I pushed the Mexican Ambassador but he did not think it was funny

I touched the piano tuner's brother and he thought it was very funny

Part 3


The piano tuner's brother
Geraldine worries

A bee drowns in the field wine
Paul's hands

Something softly
A bee hovers over the torque wrench

Paul thinks everything has gone splendidly
The governor's hands

The governor's motorcade
Paul cleans the jelly and grease

Geraldine whispers to the Mexican Ambassador
The kitten chases a bee

Behind a bee, the Bösendorfer piano quivers
Next to the bottle, Geraldine quivers

Paul touches the bottle
The bottle touches the mousetrap


Mary in front of Jean

Todd except for Lucas

Brad among Sonya

Jean while Clarke

Clarke behind Wilma

Jones by Maxwell

Mark inside Wilson

Anders between Mary

Jean without Minnie

Dawn without Amy

Fred without Donnie

Nellie into Max


Geraldine thought about the piano

She missed the veneer of the piano

She thought about the timbre of the piano

She missed the piano's roughness

She feared the piano's lower octave

She loved the piano's reflection, and feared the hornbeam shanks inside the piano

She loved the mystique of the piano

She dreamed about a silhouette of the piano

In her dream, she touched the piano

Part 4


The bee landed on Geraldine's picnic cloth
A tree

Behind Paul's workbench, black insects crawled all over
Then the motorcade stopped

The Mexican Ambassador
Geraldine spread out on her picnic cloth

Geraldine spread jelly on a cracker
The shopkeeper grinned, and thanked Paul

The Mexican Ambassador was timorous
Geraldine has just sold the red Bösendorfer piano

Behind a workbench
All the appetizers had been eaten by that time

Black insects swarmed the gardenias
Paul's day has ended

I kicked over a trashcan
Geraldine smelled the gardenias


Pencils with pocketbooks

Grass next to hammocks

Women on glaciers

Swords on a roadster

Hands before grommets

Singers on cable

Wings beside surgeons

Moss on emblems

Glass unto the preachers

Masks inside the hammocks

Wippens on the hammers

Grass on the singers


I'm tired of Geraldine's antics

I went down to the park and I kicked over a trashcan

Later I poured water all over a patch of gardenias

I took away some empty wine bottles and recycled them

I sat on top of a hill and watched the sunset

At the banquet I couldn't bring myself to eat any of the appetizers

I lay down on a blanket and watched the bees zipping by

I began to feel a little bit better about things

Then, I began to feel a little bit better about things

Part 5


The governor's motorcade
A bee is like balloons

Behind the workbench, insects
The Mexican ambassador crept

Paul's hands were capable but tender
Geraldine squirmed

Geraldine feared and desired the piano
Geraldine feared the piano and desired the bees

Geraldine's mother
The piano tuner prepared to speak

Paul twisted it with ever-increasing force
The bee slipped in undetected

The governor behind jam
A wine bottle is falling over but has not yet fallen

Paul is embarassed in front of the whole class
Geraldine used the rag


Mats in front of the front doors

Casks on top of the awnings

A brick on a parking meter

A cloud on the laundry hamper

A breast on the best man's fingers

Caskets inside the house

Bottles underneath the blankets

Children beside their uncles

A waistcoat around a tummy

A hand beneath a sweater

A man beside a child's uncle

Blocks on blocks


For a bee, the Mexican Ambassador is scary

The wine is enticing

The pine trees offer a haven and memories of home

The tuning hammer is likewise scary

The jam is likewise enticing

Geraldine is scary and enticing, like the workbench

A bee is indifferent to the Bösendorfer piano

A bee loves the gardenias

To a bee, many things offer a profound sense of mystery and wonder

Part 6


A piano mover traverses the window

The Bösendorfer piano quivers and shakes
A woman in a different city read the invoice number to Paul

A bee spirals out of control

Paul's father prepared to speak
The governor prepared to speak

Geraldine steps forward but her gown is caught on a basket
Leaves dropped all around them

The piano mover crosses in front of a window
Paul's eyebrows deflect some of the leaves

The bee struggles, but it is futile
Everyone watches with rapt attention

It seems the house is full of piano movers
Geraldine has a quiet moment to herself on the rear balcony


Black on white

History on the Volkswagen

A spate of homicides in the capital

Hundreds of products through the conduit

The show in spite of the reviews

Muscles into the 12-week training program

Partisans against the loyalists

Some of us with others

Fear minus the consequence

Blood under the floormat

Haste versus imagination

You because of Michael


Paul presses through the thick foliage

Some branches are too strong to bend

It is often difficult for Paul to see a distance ahead

Paul is like a piano mover who must cross in front of innumerable windows to reach the piano

Paul is like a stumbling bee

Paul reaches up and pushes a verdant branch out of the way

It will only be a moment before Paul emerges from the forest

Paul thinks of Geraldine as a branch falls on his head

Paul emerges from the forest