box of jars


We want the experience of this journal to be aleatory, like the experience of opening a mysterious box.

Box of Jars is a collection of words, music, art, and ideas. A space that promotes Auden's notion that poetry is 'memorable speech.' We could extend the idea to say that music is memorable sound, and painting is memorable imagery, and so forth. The three basic tenets we want to uphold are: sincerity, integrity, illumination. The work should be deeply felt and deeply considered; the form of each piece should be purposeful; the experience of each piece should linger.

Instead of a table of contents, the Box of Jars homepage consists of a series of unspecified links. Visitors approach the content in a random order and navigate the site without being sure of what s/he will come upon next. Each volume invites the visitor to see the collection as a set in which the individual pieces expand upon one another.

Marc Jaffee, Elizabeth Cohan

Kevin Romoser

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